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La Pépinière Ô Flor et Sens !

Awaken your senses with plants

Nursery grower in La Ferté Macé in Orne (61), I invite you to share my passion for plants.

My production is done as closely as possible to the natural cycle of plants without treatment and without heating.

You will therefore be able to find classic plants and also some small jewels in order to "awaken your senses with plants".

Thus, you will have the possibility of:

- awaken your taste buds with aromatics, edible flowers, berries and medicinals,

- smell the different scents of foliage and flowers through fruity, floral, spicy or woody scents,

- touch (eyes closed if you prefer!) foliage, bark whether soft, prickly, rough...

- share ideas, advice, the taste of nature that you have to know how to listen to.


Welcome to the world of Ô Flor et Sens!


Our online store was created by a group of professionals who shared values and wanted a simple and innovative online shopping solution. At Ô Flor et Sens, we guarantee that each purchase will be without unpleasant surprises from start to finish. Browse our site and contact us if you have any questions or comments.


Carex comans

'Milky chocolate'

5,00 €

Monarde bergamote  'Cambridge scarlet'

Monarde bergamote

'Cambridge scarlet'

5,65 €




5,50 €




10,00 €

Deutzia crenata  'Nikko'

Deutzia Gracilis


12,00 €

Événements à venir

  • 07 Jul 2024, 10:30 – 18:30
    Vaudreuil, Rue Notre Dame, 27100 Le Vaudreuil, France
    About thirty exhibitors around plants will offer you plants, flowers, shrubs... at direct prices from the producer. Free entrance

Very nice home. Very good advice with very beautiful plants .. I highly recommend this nursery which offers unbeatable prices .. A big thank you

L. Paradeis

Very good advice, many choices of plants and shrubs and of good quality.

A. Chaventre

One of the best nurseries I have visited with original plants in great shape and  lots of good advice. Thanks for what you do.

Philip D.

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