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About Ô Flor et Sens

Since its opening, Ô Flor et Sens (formerly Jardins et Pays Sages) has offered its customers a wide selection of items at affordable prices. Our online store is committed to the quality and exclusivity of its items, suitable for all budgets. Take a look and start shopping!


Muriel, a nurserywoman, founded Jardins et Pays Sages in Beauvain in 2010 and often refers to Aristotle, in a way her mentor:  "Nature always makes, according to the conditions at her disposal and as much as possible, the most beautiful and best things".
She adds :  "it is nature that in any case does the most beautiful things despite the compositions that a gardener can achieve, whatever he may be".
It will be understood, Muriel has a deep respect for the land.

I started with a small greenhouse of 70 m2 in 2007, then we grew gradually. The area of the area of activity now extends over 4 ha: 1,200 m2 of cold greenhouses, 2,500 m2 of outdoor cultivation areas.


The plants are started in greenhouses and then grown in the open air. This advances them by three weeks. This allows me to present specialties and new products.


Among all its specialties, you will be able to find hardy perennials adapted to our climates, such as the heuchera which has 40 to 45 varieties with leaves of a wide range of colors making it possible to obtain a colorful landscape.

You will also find aromatic and medicinal specialties: agastaches, monardes, saffron, curry herbs. They are also used as ornamental plants. Grasses such as pennisetum, sedge, or panicum. In perennial ornamental plants, an extraordinary flower: the black scabiosa which produces… black flowers!

But there are also flowering trees and shrubs for beds or hedges: cornus, viburnums, Chinese honeysuckle with particularly fragrant evergreen foliage.

I have since had the chance to be spotted in specialized fairs and plant festivals such as Courson, Saint-Jean-de-Beauregard, the Tuileries and being always on the lookout for original, particular plants, this allows me to stand out.

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